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Speaking to a group of 50 European journalists at European Parliament

I’m a passionate communicator! My work has been featured by BBC World Service, BBC Food Programme, Bloomberg TV, Canadian Geographic, El País, Global and Mail, Huffington Post, La Repubblica, BBC Radio 4, Berlingske, Politiken, Le Monde, ELLE, Digital Trends, National Post, Reader’s Digest, O Globo and RAI TV1.

Roberto Flore and I speak to Dan Saladino of the BBC Food Programme about our encounters with insects around the world and their applications as “future foods”. Listen here.

Science Nordic asks my thoughts on a new study about the carbon footprints of European households. Read about it here.

The National Post asks crickets over chicken? after my study on the environmental impacts of cricket farming in Thailand is published in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Read the story here.

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Being interviewed on the Danish national TV programme Spis og Spar about the environmental impacts of commonly consumed meats in Denmark